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Louis B. Plung, Chair
Eileen L. Lane, Vice Chair
Douglas Ostrow, Vice Chair
Cynthia D. Shapira, Vice Chair
James P. Wagner, Secretary
Edgar Snyder, Assistant Secretary
Meryl K. Ainsman, Treasurer
Ellen P. Kessler, Assistant Treasurer
William C. Rudolph, Immediate Past Chair


Douglas Ostrow, Chair

Audit Committee
Charles Porter, Chair

Finance Committee
Andrew Stewart, Chair

Foundation Investment Committee
Geoffrey Gerber, Ph.D. Chair

Meryl K. Ainsman, Chair

Planning & Funding Committee
Dr. Susan G. Berman, Chair

Planning Commissions

Israel and World Jewry
Scott Tobe, Chair
Laurie Moser, Overseas Funding Chair
Jan Levinson, Programming Chair
Jan Levinson, Co-Chair, Partnership 2Gether
Cindy Goodman Leib, Co-Chair, Partnership 2Gether

Jewish Life and Learning
Dr. David Brent, Chair

Aging & Human Needs
Dr. Matthew Keller, Chair

Volunteer Center

Judith Kanal, Chair

Community Relations Council
Skip Grinberg, Chair

Foundation Grantmaking Committee

Louis B. Plung, Chair

Government Affairs
David Burstin, Chair

Health Care
Stephen F. Halpern, Chair

Holocaust Center Commission
Hilary Tyson, Chair
Moshe Baran, Past President, Holocaust Survivors Organization

JFilm: The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Forum
Iris Samson, Chair

Sally Kalson, Vice Chair

Local and National Agencies
Ilene Fingeret, Chair

Cynthia D. Shapira, Chair

Annual Campaign
James P. Wagner, Chair
David Sufrin, Co-Chair and Major Donors Chair

Maureen Kelly Busis, Chair
Alicia Klein, Co-Chair

William C. Rudolph, Chair

Marketing Communications Committee
Evan Indianer, Chair


Ellen P. Kessler, Chair
Peter Gordon, Co-Chair
Mark Ackerman, Team Captain
Skip Grinberg, Team Captain
Myrna Klein, Team Captain
Jan Levinson, Team Captain
Bryan Neft, Team Captain
James F. Reich, Team Captain
Jerome L. Rosenberg, Team Captain
Ralph Roskies, Team Captain
Charles H. Saul, Team Captain
Joel Smalley, Team Captain
David W. Steinbach, Team Captain

Women’s Philanthropy

Lori Shure, Chair
Linda Joshowitz, Campaign Chair
Ellen Teri Kaplan Goldstein, Campaign Co-Chair
Rose Berman, Lion of Judah Co-Chair
Essie Garfinkel, Lion of Judah Co-Chair
Sarita Eisner, Pomegranate Co-Chair
Stacey Reibach, Pomegranate Co-Chair
Mina Kavaler, Community Co-Chair
Ronit Wiesenfeld, Community Co-Chair
Lynn Farber, Young Women’s Chair

Young Adult Division
Matthew A. Keller, M.D, Chair
Zack Block, Campaign Chair
Randal Whitlatch, Leadership Development Co-Chair
Kristen Keller, Leadership Development Co-Chair
Kira Sunshine, Shalom Pittsburgh Co-Chair
Catia Kossovsky, Shalom Pittsburgh Co-Chair
David Grubman, National Young Leadership Cabinet Chair

Cardozo Society

Bryan Neft, Esq., Co-Chair
Beverly A. Block, Esq., Co-Chair

Maimonides Society
Dr. William Z. Spatz, Chair

East Coast Snowbirds
Barbara and Lester Parker, Co-chairs
Gail and Norm Childs, Co-chairs

West Coast Snowbirds - Longboat

Jack and Bernice Meyers, Co-Chairs
Art and Marlene Silverman, Co-Chairs

West Coast Snowbirds - Naples

Board Members at Large
Milton Eisner
Peter Gordon
Gerri Kay
Charles Perlow


Jewish Federation Past Presidents
Barbara S. Burstin
David Burstin
Sidney N. Busis, M.D.
Richard E. Kann
Gerald S. Ostrow
Donald M. Robinson
James A. Rudolph
William C. Rudolph
Stanley C. Ruskin
Ruth G. Schachter
Daniel H. Shapira
David S. Shapira


Jeffrey H. Finkelstein, President / CEO
Tracy Grandelis, Assistant to the President

Milo Averbach, Chief Financial Officer
Tracy L. Gressang, Controller

Hollie Dzanaj, Financial Manager
Erin Wyland, Accounting Associate
Aleta Jensen, Accounting Associate

Building Operations
Pat Calabro, Director, Support Services
Rob Dziekan, Maintenance Staff
Sharon Edge, Maintenance Staff
Darrell McDonald, Maintenance Staff

Bob Ellsworth, Director, Information Technology
Stephanie Williams, User Support

Community Building
Deborah A. Baron, Chief Operating Officer

Robert J. Antonelli, Director, Government Relations
Gregg Roman, Director, Community Relations Council
Joshua Donner, Planning Director

Susan Linzer, Associate Director of Planning/Director, Overseas Operations

Jennifer JonesVolunteer Center Coordinator
Ilene Rinn, Manager of Human Services, Planning and Allocations
Raimy Rubin, Community Scorecard Research Manager
Jessie Svec, Program Associate, Volunteer Center
Debbie Swartz, Overseas Planning Associate
Chris Levicky, Administrative Assistant
Eric Probola, Administrative Assistant
Christina Sahovey, Administrative Assistant

Holocaust Center
Joy Braunstein, Director
Samantha Chilton, Senior Associate
Jennie Pelled, Development/Programming Associate
Rachel Herman, Holocaust Education Fellow
Zachary (Zac) Zafris, Administrative/Education Fellow
Matthew Sohner, Administrative Assistant (PT)

JFilm: The Pittsburgh Jewish Film Forum
Kathryn Spitz Cohan, Executive Director
Rachel Colker, Assistant Director
Lori Sisson, Ad Sales & Teen Screen Coordinator
Courtney Strauss, Young Adult/Teen Outreach & Social Media Coordinator
Debra Platt, Design & Publicity Consultant


Brian S. Eglash, Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Jessica Brown Smith, Director, Campaign and Financial Resource Development
David Guzikowski, Administrative Assistant

Annual Campaign
Rachael Altoff, Young Adult Division Director

Amy Cohen, Shalom Pittsburgh Coordinator
Evan J. Durst, Donor Relationship Manager
Becca Hurowitz, Director, Women's Philanthropy
Roi Mezare, Senior Manager, Financial Resource Development
Yvonne Novick, Database Manager

Sally Stein, Manager, Corporate and Government Relations

Emily Richman, Assistant Campaign Director
Jessica McClelland, Database Management Specialist

Jessica Meyer, Administrative Assistant

Meryl Lotz, Administrative Assistant
Christa Meier, Administrative Assistant

Daniel O. Brandeis, Esq., Director, Foundation Resource Development
Sharon W. Perelman, Esq., Associate Director, Jewish Community Foundation

Jennifer Kaplan, Senior Financial, Analyst, Jewish Community Foundation
Patricia J. Dziekan, Administrative Assistant
Patti M. Flister, Administrative Assistant


Ellen G. Roteman, Director, Marketing Communications
Shimon Zimbovsky, Marketing Associate
Quito Ollero, Graphic Designer
Heather Vallone, Web Manager
Marilyn Navish-McCullough, Administrative Assistant

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