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In Pittsburgh, two out of three children – about 4,300 – receive no formal Jewish education. Synagogues struggling with financial issues are not able to adequately invest in education. The barrier to participate in Jewish living is, simply put, too high.

The Jewish Learning Commission aims to create a vibrant and engaged community devoted to lifelong Jewish learning. By supporting high quality Jewish educational opportunities and making those opportunities accessible, we help restore the health of our Jewish organizations.

In the fall of 2011, each commission gathered baseline statistics to establish three-year goals in order to measure progress and guide investment around priorities.

The Jewish Learning Commission's 2012-2014 goals:

• Increase the number of students going to Jewish Day School by 17%
• Increase the number of students enrolled in supplementary (synagogue) schools by 9%
. Over the past three years, through its four funding sources (Campaign, Foundation, Government, and Donor Directed) the Federation invests about $3.4 million to the Jewish Learning Commission.

To find out more about the Jewish Learning Commission, please contact Ilene Rinn at