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8,400 Jewish seniors live in Pittsburgh, 2,500 of whom live alone. 4,000 Jewish families were considered "at risk" last year. And 3,000 families identify as having special needs for at least one member of their household.

Every family deserves the basic support to avoid hardship that prevents from having the quality of life they deserve. Yet one in three Jewish households in Pittsburgh required services within the past year for family members with special needs, emotional or behavioral problems, or senior support.

The Federation helps vulnerable individuals and families to reduce risk factors, and avoid or recover from hardships that threaten their quality of life.  We strive to keep seniors living in the community, as safely and as independently as possible with a high quality of life, and we assist individuals with special needs and their families in receiving the support they need so they can feel a part of – not apart from – the community.

The Aging and Human Needs Commission provides core funding to agencies to ensure community needs are met. We utilize government funding and mainstream services to make sure that people in our community have the resources they need.

In the fall of 2011, each commission gathered baseline statistics to establish three-year goals in order to measure progress and guide investment around priorities.

The Aging and Human Needs Commission's 2012-2014 goals:

• Increase the number of older adults receiving services and regular screenings through AgeWell Pittsburgh by 33%
• Increase the number of individuals receiving services through the Squirrel Hill Food Pantry by 60%
• Help 66% of Jewish families with someone with special needs receive sufficient access to the services they need
• Help 66% of Jewish families with someone with special needs receive sufficient access to the Jewish Life (worship, education, community) they need

Over the past three years, through its four funding sources (Campaign, Foundation, Government, and Donor Directed) the Federation invests about $2.6 million to the Aging and Human Needs Commission.

To find out more about the Aging and Human Needs Commission, please contact Josh Donner at 412.992.5263 or